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So... you want to know how Bliss can help you to connect with your sexual self. How you can let go of your mind and body, shed your inhibitions, and connect to your core.


Bliss can offer you different paths to help eliminate the social conditioning of shame and guilt around female sexuality and personal ignorance (lack of awareness) of our true sexual nature. And ultimately help you to achieve self-realization and sexual liberation. 

Feel Yourself

Treat yourself to a guided masturbation session. In these sessions, you will learn new techniques to help stimulate your orgasmic pleasure. You will be able to try out new toys and share erotic fantasies. These are self-touch sessions, which are held either in a group or one-to-one.


Our secret location, known only to Blisslings.


Sessions are one hour in length.


£40 per person in a group session

£80 for a one-to-one session

Tickets are strictly non-transferable and available for Bliss members only.

Head Massage

Tantric Massage

Treat your senses to an explosion of whole-body erotic esctasty.

Tantra is a powerful tool for happiness and personal growth. It is a way of making the body, emotions and mind stronger and more harmonious so that we have greater potential to grow and learn more about ourselves. It is the path of embracing and bringing consciousness to all of life’s experiences and energies, including the sensual and erotic experiences of life. The ancient tantrics realised that everything we experience in life is energy, but the most powerful is the sexual energy, so if we can learn to control it then all the others will naturally be easier to handle and we can have much more control in our life. Being empowered in this way naturally removed stress and anxiety, bringing a great feeling of happiness and relaxation.

Sexual energy is the life force that animates and dynamises all life. Awakening it powerfully and circulating it throughout the whole body brings about great healing, happiness and love; also rejuvenating and regenerating every part of us. It helps us grow, and awaken the superior human qualities we have within – our creativity, intuition, realms of genius, and profound love – taking us towards a fuller experience of what it means to be a human being.

Tantric massage performed in this way naturally heals sexual function. Women will realise the benefits of reducing their menstruation and releasing frustrations and tensions associated with sexuality and femininity, to feel more fulfilled on all levels.

This is a tantric body-to-body oil massage aimed initially at helping you to relax and feel secure in the heartful touch of your female masseur. This allows you to safely abandon to the point where your erotic energies can be awakened by the expert sensual touch of your female masseur bringing you fully present with these powerful energies so that you can truly embrace them and the foundation of your femininity.

You may experience many different reactions in your body, thoughts, and emotions during the massage. This is a very normal process and you are of course free to ask questions or share what you feel along the way.

Before the massage there is plenty of time to sit and talk with the female masseur in order for you to feel safe, relaxed and familiar about the experience and with them.


Our secret location, known only to Blisslings.


Sessions are one and a half hours in length.


£175 for a one-to-one session with a female masseur

£325 for two female masseurs, four hands experience

Purchases are strictly non-transferable and available for Bliss members only.

Sex Coaching

Whether you want to explore your sexual fantasies or a very specific sexual issue, we can help you in person or through Zoom. 


Our very own converted barn in the South West of England. The venue is secret to members only. Or through a private Zoom call.


Sessions are an hour in length and are to be arranged when mutually convenient.


£75 per session


Pole Dancing

Pole dance and fitness classes are a unique, fun, all-over body and brain workout that help you to develop fitness, strength, flexibility, and coordination (and no, you don’t need any of those things to start!). We teach all levels, from complete beginners who rarely exercise, to advanced pole dancers who have been training for years.

These sessions are also open to the public and help to liberate your sensual self, overcoming any inhibitions. 




Sessions are an hour in length and a full timetable can be found here: 


£xx per session

Friends Covering Eyes


In order to register your interest, we request that you tell us a bit about yourself and which event you would like to come to. Nothing lengthy! Just a few sentences about you and why this appeals to you. We will then send you a membership form to complete.

Can't wait to read your responses!

Love always G&L xx

Thanks for registering your interest. We will be in touch soon. xx

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