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Relationship coaching - being you

Many of us hold beliefs about relationships and intimacy that stifle our connection with each other, and limit our bonds. Some of us may have had experiences that prevent us from opening up and enjoying intimacy. 

These sessions that can be held one-to-one or as a couple, both face-to-face or online, challenge those long-held beliefs and help you to overcome that clutter and negative association and develop new connections, openness, and deeper sensual emotions.

Using tried and tested methods, these sessions help you to understand your current feelings and make changes, leading you to a wider more fulfilling relationship.

You will explore and discover:

  • a chance to examine how your ideas limit your experiences of your relationship

  • help with releasing your relationship and sexual potential 

  • guidance on overcoming problems in specific situations

  • tantric techniques to connect with your energy self.

Note - this is a talking therapy only.

Couple Holding Hands

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