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The Inclusive Advantage

Diversity is a fact, Inclusion is an act

Building cultures of inclusion and compassion is the key to growth in the workplace and harmonizing society.


We aim to be 100% inclusive, and 0% judgemental 

BARDO believes, the more inclusive-aware individuals there are the better for everyone. Our understanding of belonging is transient, and we are all at different stages on the journey toward inclusion. We will not judge. We will guide you. 


Explore how we can support you on your inclusive journey.

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Latest Article:
We Sea You

This is the latest article that I have written specifically about my personal passion for diversifying the outdoor space and sports. In this article for InDepth magazine, while acknowledging that today, the tech diving community is largely older, male, and white, I propose that we all can play a role in encouraging cultural and structural change to ensure that diverse divers are seen, heard, recognized, and rewarded. By doing so, we would not only encourage the future relevance and resilience of the diving industry but also expand its appeal into untapped markets. Besides that, it’s simply the right thing to do.

TEDx Talk 2020

Well, I will always remember the year I gave my TEDx Talk! 2020 the year we spoke from home!

In this talk, I discuss how

thinking ‘cultures thoughts’, challenges our ability to be kind and practice self-reflection, thus enabling racism without racists, misogyny without sexists, and the persistence of inequality.

Referencing the wonderful research of Dr. Brene Brown, and philosopher Krishnamurti. 

The Journey Towards Inclusion 

"Georgina had a transformational impact at the University from the outset. She changed the narrative around ED&I and encouraged collegiate and progressive discussions across the whole organisation such that everyone wanted her involved in what they were doing." 

- UK University

“Georgina was never frightened of having challenging conversations and was able to frame them in a positive and supportive manner. She was a joy to work with and without any doubt choosing to work with her, was one of the very best decisions I have ever made”

- Individual

“George has an amazing ability to make a large and diverse group of people want to be engaged and develop their practice and is not afraid to speak truth to power.”

- Business

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