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The Inclusion Imperative

BARDO Inclusive is a diversity and inclusion (D&I) consultancy that offers support, consultancy, training, cultural change campaigns, and coaching to businesses and individuals. 

We focus on a conscious inclusive approach.


This understands that the future resilience and relevance of businesses depend on leadership being aware and conscious of individual, societal, and environmental needs and acting on those needs.


There is widespread recognition that business-as-usual is not sustainable if humanity is to stand a chance of tackling climate change, decarbonizing our economies, and reversing biodiversity loss. Likewise, not addressing the individual often hidden needs of our people, consumers, and society is no longer an option as businesses need to attract, retain, and grow increasingly diverse audiences. Society also desperately needs the diversity of thought from different perspectives and lived experiences in order to tackle global challenges. 

Free your thinking...

The BARDO Belief

  • We ALL belong here

  • Diversity is a strength for new ways of thinking and creating

  • Inclusion is a necessity for future relevance and resilience

  • Self-reflection is essential for growth both personally and for society

  • Kindness and humanity we are all free to give - choose to and it reflects back

  • Understanding benefits us all as it widens our perception and opportunities

  • The systems are bad, not people or identities

  • Open your eyes so we can change those systems and the resulting culture

  • Work on ourselves to interrupt the default thinking we've been conditioned into - break free of stereotypes, learn to see the invisible discriminators

  • Choose to view life through a new lens that rids us of the patriarchal and racialised systems that hold us all back. 



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