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A safe, private, and seductive venue that is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A converted barn full of relaxed charm, you will feel hugged as soon as you enter.

Imagine the warmth of connection sensitively caressing your thighs. The comfort of a delicate touch that is reassuringly sensual. 

You are fueled by the desire for self-discovery.


All you have to do is be attentive, aware, and absolutely turned on to YOU. 

New Year Brunch

Start 2023 with the perfect combination of uninhibited authentic living with like-minded company and exquisite food...

We invite you to join us for a New Years' brunch in the South West of England this January...

Our blissfully connected Sunday Brunch is the perfect opportunity for members both new and existing to join together over scrumptious nourishing food (plus a side of something bottomless and bubbly!) as you meet like-minded new friends and plan your party diary for the new year ahead.

Blisslings... it's time to get social and seductive with conversation both intellectually and sexually stimulating.



Festive Brunch at xxxxx £10 to reserve your spot on our table. 
Brunch to be paid directly to the restaurant at £xxx per person, including your choice of 2 courses (one savoury, one sweet) + free-flowing bubbles for 90 minutes.



TBC  - {link to}


Reservation at 12:00...

Dress Code

Check out our Pinterest board {link} to inspire you! 

Please note, the restaurant is open to all members of the public. We request you to dress appropriately in mind of this.


£10 per person

Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

Drinking Martinis

Garden of Eden

"To fall in love with yourself, is the first secret towards happiness." Robert Morely

The Garden of Eden is bursting with life. This day we celebrate all things feminine with Eve in her bountiful pleasure garden. Radiant and gorgeous, Eve exudes creative energy and inspires all women who surround her. 

You are invited to join Eve in her secret garden and take a bite out of any apple your heart desires, forbidden fruit never tasted so good.

Discover this garden of delights where luxury flows like a fountain, skirts fall like petals, and floral fragrances mingle with the sound of pleasure sweetening the air. Bloom under the stars as the Goddess' that you are Blisslings!

Join us at our private hide-away in the South-West of England this June...


Let's Party & Play! All tickets include access to our converted barn full of fun and flirtation. Join us in the lounge or the playroom. Your ticket includes a welcome glass of prosecco, but feel free to bring along your own beverage.

Our in-person events are only open to paying members, and tickets cost £50 each.



Our very own converted barn in the South West of England. Venue is secret to members only. 


xx June 2023

7pm - Midnight. No entry after 9pm.

Dress Code

Check out our Pinterest board {link} to inspire you! 

The Experience

It is a party with an opportunity for play. You choose how your night unfolds, whether it be dancing with your newfound friends or playing and exploring each other. Our events are designed for women by women to facilitate one night of consensual experimentation – no consequences, no questions, and no expectations. Consent is essential and you will be reminded of appropriate etiquette at the event. 


£50 per person

Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

Yoni Party 

Celebrate your yoni (pussy), learn more about your feminine power and healing 

What is a Yoni Party?

A Yoni party is the ultimate focus and worship of our flower garden, punani, foof, lady parts, vag, fo fo, muff, privates, vajayjay... or whatever name you decide to call her! 

At a yoni party you will learn the following in a fun and celebratory environment:

  • Experience the liberating power of a full tantric massage

  • Focus on the uniqueness of your yoni

  • Embrace and explore your yoni and the pleasure she brings

  • Understand the extent of the clitorial system

  • Learn the benefits of yoni steaming and partake in a group yoni steam

  • Guided touch, meditation, and healing

  • All while enjoying a party atmosphere with drinks and nibbles with other blisslings

  • Plus you get to take home your own yoni pan and personal yoni tea

What is a Tantric Massage?

There are many interpretations of tantra in today's world. For Blisslings it is about a whole body experience of erotic awakening through massage. Using our energy body and chakras to expand our orgasmic states and reveal a delicious world of self-exploration. It involves letting go of your mind and body, shedding any inhibitions, and connecting to your core. In other words, Tantra offers a path where we can eliminate ignorance (lack of awareness) of our true nature. As a result, you achieve Self-Realization.

What is a Yoni Steam?
A yoni steam is a modern version of ancient vaginal steaming traditions that send herbal infusions into the vaginal canal via warm steams. It is a form of hydrotherapy and is a cleansing bath for our most treasured and sacred womb.

What are the benefits of steaming?

  • Cleanses the uterus

  • Releases toxins

  • Strengthens and tones reproductive organs

  • Also known to assist with common female reproductive issues

  • May increase libido 

  • Overall relaxation



Our very own converted barn in the South West of England. The venue is secret to members only. 


We host these events four times a year.

xx March 2023

xx July 2023

xx September 2023

xx November 2023

7 pm - Midnight. No entry after 9 pm.

Dress Code

Please wear a long, loose, comfortable dress and bring a towel or blanket to wrap yourself in.


£40 per person

Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.



The property is located in the South West of England, near the stunning city of Bath.

A secret location that is only known to our Blisslings... and will be revealed when your membership is granted and you attend your first event.


What is included at the venue?

  • A large two-acre garden with a fire pit area and secluded patio

  • A hot tub 

  • A stunning front room with an open fire

  • A playroom

  • Three en-suite bedrooms

  • A cinema room

  • A photographic studio

  • A social kitchen space.

If you require overnight accommodation, after an event, there are rooms available, but they will be allocated on a first come first served basis on the night of the event. So make sure to put your name down for a room as soon as you arrive. All bedrooms are doubles so you will be expected to share with another woman. Guests are also welcome to find a comfy sofa, or sofabed at no extra cost.

If you would rather have the comfort of knowing you have a bed to retreat to at the end of the evening, we can recommend local hotels or BnBs. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a camper van or motor home you are welcome to park these on our gated driveway for the night. 

Your hosts

Gina Brown

Living a connected and inclusive life has always been a strong calling for Gina, and this quest has taken her on quite a journey professionally and privately.

Gina has immersed herself in sacred sexuality and feminine practices since 2001, taking her on an intimate voyage of discovery, diving into tantra, meditation, reiki, energy work, and personal coaching. Qualifing as a trantric masseur, she has worked with women to embrace their sexuality and overcome anxiety, guilt and shame associated with the female sexual experience.  


 Gina has over 20 years of professional experience working in inclusion for large corporates, and individuals. She opens up the hearts and eyes to others. Her work is rooted in the belief that we all need a strong foundation of self-compassion, awareness, and love in order to fulfill our potential and help others. 


Laura Challoner

Being authentic and supporting others is the backbone of Laura's values.


Laura is a highly successful businesswoman owning and running three unique businesses. She is skilled at seeing through socieites blocks and fulfilling potential.


Her kind, compassionate, and ever-curious mind motivates her to keep an open heart and support others that may have experienced trauma, neglect or harm at the hands of a patriarchal society and conditioning.

With an avid appetite for continued growth, her interests include psychotherapy, mindfulness-based therapy, pole dancing and fitness, sexual awareness, and helping people find their authentic selves. 

Laura loves helping people identify their path in life and helping them develop healthy connected relationships with others.

Friends Covering Eyes


In order to register your interest, we request that you tell us a bit about yourself and which event you would like to come to. Nothing lengthy! Just a few sentences about you and why this appeals to you. We will then send you a membership form to complete.

Can't wait to read your responses!

Love always G&L xx

Thanks for registering your interest. We will be in touch soon. xx

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